Zombie Style Flip Flops

Zombie Style Flip Flops Bagmyitems
Up for your buying pleasure are the ThinkGeek Zombie Flip Flops. Sweet! They are brought to you by the minds at ThinkGeek and they are inspired by, of and for fans and aficionados of the walking, stinking, undead! Here, with this fine product, we bring to you the beauty and the general aesthetics of rotting feet and toes which do not actually smell at all.

This is a large size, which accommodates up to a man's size 13. Just think about it. You are walking out of the shower, going to get the mail or are skipping to the store for a quick jaunt. These are the sandals for you!

The shipping weight is a scant 7.2 ounces and these fine feet coverings are meant for those aged twelve years and older. You love the show. Now, you can love the footwear! Good stinkin' times! Go ahead, wear them in front of others. They will only be jealous!

Zombie Style Flip Flops


Zombie Indoor Plush Slippers

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