Voice-Activated Grocery List

Voice-activated grocery list
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The SmartShopper SS-301 Voice-Recognition Grocery-List Organizer was designed for those with a short memory fuse. Granted, there are mnemonics and other such memory tricks. There are. However, these are not helpful for everyone. In fact, why trust our list, or better yet, the list of a spouse to your memory? There is no sense in relying on something which can be so infallible.

This grocery list organizer creates, organizes, and prints. If features a 2500+ list of pre loaded items and has a user-friendly control panel and digital display. You are also free to employ voice-recognition technology for a series of hands-free operations. You may keep up to two lists at one time and there is a built-in kitchen timer for not-shopping activities.

Product dimensions are 6.4 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches and the list organizer weighs just a scant two pounds. It is no longer necessary to do your shopping with 88 post-it notes attached to your forehead. Just plug in your list and go shopping.

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