Two In One Twist Candlesticks

Two In One Twist Candlesticks
The Twist Candlesticks are a creative and aesthetically pleasing RedEnvelope business endeavor. Your purchase includes a set of two, intertwined at the hip candlesticks. Each candlestick measures 2 pieces, at a 1/2" thickness and 10" high. The pair arrive at your destination of choice with two-10" dripless, smokeless ivory hued tapers. This is primarily because those short, squaty candles would simply not fit in a holder of this type. It would, in fact, look pretty strange and have the opposite effect of what they do now.

The candlesticks are a physical representation of a romantic and very loving act. The two are involved in a lingering, mutual hug. One stick is there only for the company of the other stick. Tender. Sweet.

If the pieces were sold separately, then, the whole thing would have an entirely different feeling. But, why do that? Who would wish to buy them? That's right. Not one.

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