The Minions Mobile Headset

The Minions Mobile Headset
Welcome to the world of the minions! These are ZNU New Stereo Cartoon Earphone Headset 3.5mm In-ear Despicable Me Kids Earphones for Iphone Htc Ipod Double/single Eyes. These are Despicable Me themed 3.5 mm earphones for various mobile phone models, some MP3 and MP4 devices. Sound quality is good and the length of the phones is good too.

This item is available for Amazon's free 30-Day tech support. Impedance is 30 ohms. Loudspeaker diameter is 10 mm. Sensitivity is 120 dB/V.

This product comes with the earphones and three silicone covers. If you want to be cuter in front of others, then, you are going to have to be cuter in front of others. You might start with the earphones. After all, it all begins with the ears. Right? Well, yeah and really, what is cuter than a pair of Despicable Me minion phones in yellow? That's right. Nothing.

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