Stainless Cheese Knife Set

Stainless Cheese Knife Set
This is a three-piece, stainless steel cheese knife set by Jean Dubost Laguiole. While, the set weighs in at four pounds, each piece alone, is not heavy. However, the weight is perfect, as it does make for an easier mode for cheese cutting.

As for the pleasing aesthetics of this set, they do not end with the set itself. The pieces arrive in a simple yet rustic wooden box with a metallic clasp and makes for an excellent gift for the special someone who's always in the kitchen. These items also arrive with an Authenticity Certificate.

The DUBOST COLAS PRADEL family has been making knives since 1920 and the process has only gotten better with time. They are made in Viscomtat, which is a Parisian mountain village, just 15km from Thiers, the capital of french cutlery. Company endeavors now sit with the third (Philippe Dubost) and fourth (Alexandre Dubost) generations.

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