SPGBK Men’s South Beach Wooden Sports Watch

SPGBK Men's South Beach Watch
This is one sweet timepiece! This SPGBK Men's South Beach Watch is comprised of 100% Maple wood (excepting certain parts and pieces), is Miami Blue in color with gold accents. It has a lifetime warranty, is hypo-allergenic and could realistically, be worn by either sex, men or women.

The product is thought of as a "Spring Break" accent as it is dynamic, has a cyan colored dial and was inspired by the spirit of South Beach Miami. If you wish to improve your style image, you will want to consider purchasing this fine piece. It's hip. It's cool. It's not for the fashion afraid.

Do not let the fact that the watch is comprised of wood impede the buying process. For the most part, it is highly unlikely that a Woodpecker is going to descend upon you, peck out your eyes, then, begin tap, tap, tapping on your watch. That just does not happen.

SPGBK Men's South Beach Watch

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