Snuggle Nest For Babies

Snuggle next for babies
You have a baby and love to stay him/her on your bed? Well, here is a baby nest which is 100% safe and lovely. Also, this can be used as travel bed or daytime napper for baby. The separation border will help baby to be safe while on adults bed. It will protect from the rollover.

The Snuggle Next for babies made of 65 Poly/35 Cotton. The flexible side panels and air meshed barrier between baby ad adult bed makes the baby safe and give comfortable bedding. Quilted fashion cover with airy mesh inlay along the interior perimeter helps improve baby's breathing space. Also, it have a soothing sound light unit with 5-level controlled volume which makes the baby sleep and it will turn off automatic.This will be the perfect choice for your baby. Get one make the baby feel better while sleeping and allow to stay with parents on bed.

Snuggle next for Kids

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