Salad Bowl With Its Own Servers

Salad Bowl With Its Own Servers
This three-piece item is a salad bowl, server set by Joseph Joseph. It has two, green hands/claws/salad tossers/servers and they are flat and long. They rest on the edge of the bowl, while not in use. These hands are designed to painlessly, easily and quickly grasp hold of salad leaves, strands of kale and carrot strips.

This salad bowl and serving set comes as a complete set and is comprised of 100% melamine.

This set is fun, practical and light-weight, at a mere, yet sturdy, four pounds. It can be used indoor or outdoor for entertaining or just serving a family dinner. It's safe for the dishwasher and the sometimes, wet/slippery hands of hostesses or playing children.

This salad bowl serving set does not stain and will easily serve up enough salad for a party of twelve. The bowl has a nice matte finish and is white.

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