Recoil Electronic Cord Winder

Recoil Cord Winder
The Recoil AUTOMATIC Cord Winder for Headphones, Earbuds, USB Cables and Phone, Tablet and Reader Chargers is the answer to jacked up, crimped, tangled, curled up, chaotic and messy looking wires and let's face it, if the cat notices the mass, he or she will pounce on it and pull at your sensitive wires like there's no tomorrow! Recoil is the only automatic, spring-loaded cord winder on the market today. It weighs seven ounces, will fit into some small spaces and will wind most type of headphones, chargers, USB cords, Apple cables and most of the cords and cables that go with our personal electronics.

For those of you for whom organization is your passion and agenda, you will absolutely love the Recoil. It reduces what can sometimes be a mass of clutter, if not several masses of clutter, which can be an eye sore, if not a safety hazard.

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