Portable Pet Water Dispenser

Portable Pet Water Dispenser
The portable pet water dispenser is a must have gadget for every pet lover who care about their pet. This water dispenser keep your pet hydrated on long trips, while you are not at home or even at your vacations. Just curious how it works? Its simple and easy to handle. What you have to do is just plug it on a place where your pet can reach it easily and take lick on the knob of the dispenser. The knob have a ball which will go up when your pet lick on it and the water flow down to their tongue.

This knob with pressure sensitive ball valve reduce the wastage of water and keep the floor clean. This portable water dispenser can hold up to 12 ounce of water.

The height and location of the portable water dispenser can easily adjustable according to animals size. Their is no need to stoop for a drink since we can adjust it for our pet. Highly recommended gadgets for pets on the go.

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