Multi-Color LED Pool Light

Multi-Color LED Pool Light
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Offered by J & J Electronics is this Color Splash 3G LED Pool Light with a 120V replacement bulb, LPL-P1-RGB-120. This energy efficient LED pool light employs LED light technology. The bulb is a mere 42 watt and will help to reduce obnoxious electric bills. Its high speed performance provides a series of seamless color transitions.

This lighting unit features optimized color saturation and light intensity, 7 solid colors, multiple color blends, five visually pleasing light shows and a proprietary cooling system. This alone, maximizes its life span of up to 50,000 hours. It also uses the same light base as your standard pool lights for quick and easy replacement.

And finally, multiple lights operate in unison. This lends to harmonizing your backyard lighting efforts, much to your back yard barbeques, entertaining fits and friends and family get-togethers. Because, truly, nothing says, "Good times are had here," than a well lit and executed entertaining area.

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