Mr. Chef sponge Holder

Mr. Chef sponge Holder
Up for your buying approval is the MR. SPONGE Sponge Holder by Peleg Design. This item provides a clever, cute and decorative manner to keep your sponges dry between scrubbing's without storing them behind the toilet or other bathroom item. Granted, your sponges are not going to be your most aesthetically pleasing items in the entire house. No. They will not be.

However, with the presentation of Mr. Sponge, you need not go through all of that extra effort to hide them any longer. Product dimensions are 7 x 13.5 x 6 cm. The problem is sponge storage. While you do not want them to remain wet and attracting the masses of single-celled organisms (bacteria, etc.), you also do not wish to display them in the living room, next to the other beautiful items.

Hence, here ya go! Store them as a bow tie and fret no more! Good times.

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