Minions Sleeping Bed For Pets

Minions Sleeping Bed For Pets
Most of us pet owners are always on the look out for something cute, adorable, cuddly and/or darling for our beloved fur babies and here ya go! This cat or dog bed is fashioned after a minion on the animated, "Despicable Me," film. This fine product comes from Pesco and it is designed for either a cat or a smaller breed of dog (Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Poodle, Dachshund, Toy or Miniature Breeds).

This bed provides an outstanding place for your dearest kitty or doggy to snooze, text their friends, sip a mimosa or just snore loudly enough to keep the deceased awake every night. It is soft, cozy and has a no-slip posterior so that the attempting to rest animal will not becomes airborne should they run for bed.

It is suggested that one wash this item by hand and then, directly rinse.

Product dimensions are 22.4 inch/57 cm in diameter, 3.5 inch/9 cm high; 24.4-26.3 inch/62-67 cm in length.

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