Maximum Push Up Training System

Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press
The Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up is the complete push up training system. It features a color-coded push up board, to target specific muscle groups. It offers many angles and positions which sculpt and maximize upper body definition. It is cushioned, easily to transport, assemble and store and has over-sized, non-slip hand grips.

It arrives with a free calender (which illustrates the three workout phases - Start Up, Rev Up, Explosion) and a Tone and Burn DVD, which targets the complete upper body for strength and conditioning. It is designed to meet the needs of any user, at any workout level. It is also designed to help you develop muscles, build upper and lower body strength, burn calories and lose weight, in ten weeks. It offers all of this, for a mere thirty minute a day workout routine.

The Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up is meant to be sufficient on its own. No further purchases are required. It weighs just eleven pounds and ships from the Philippines.

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