LEGO Breaking Bad MethLab Playset

Lego Breaking Bad MethLab Playset
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You love Breaking Bag? Well, that's why you are here! Breaking bad is one of best Television series of all time with a rating of 9.6/10. Now LEGO comes up with the model of Meth lab which run's by Walter White and Jesee Pinkman. These two guys are the best well known Television actors around the world.

Now the Breaking Bag LEGO set is selling like Walter White's Blue Meth. It have great attraction and as a LEGO fan too, anyone like to have a set like this. The collection Include Walter White, Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring.

It will be lot of fun with this LEGO Meth Lab. Why you are waiting? Just get one for you or spend some money on it as a gift to your loved ones.

Lego Breaking Bad MethLab


LEGO Breaking Bad MethLab

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