LEGO Blocks Made Volkswagen Beetle

LEGO Blocks Made Volkswagen Beetle
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Here before you is the LEGO Volkswagen Beetle and yes! It is entirely too cool for school. There are not many amongst us who have forgotten the hold that LEGO has over most of us. LEGO is fun, creative, simple and for most of us, represent an entire childhood.

This automotive toy model is based on the iconic 1960 Charlotte model, the LEGO Volkswagen Beetle. It features realistic details and functions like opening doors, the hood and the trunk. The details are nice.

Also included is a display plate with original VW model information. There are 1,626 included pieces. The model also features a spare tire in the front of the car and an engine in the back with an accurate interior and so much more! You will, in fact, be delighted!

This toy model is not recommended for children ages three years and young because of the smaller pieces.

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