LED Crystal Night Earrings

LED Crystal Night Earrings Bagmyitems
Are you needing something extra special for this holiday season? Maybe, something with illumination which will light up your evening and therefor your life? The Original Night Ice LED Earrings are blue and will light their way into your heart!

This set of night ice LED earrings / light up jewelry is perfect for parties, concerts, bar mitzvahs, festivals, sporting events or any social event or gathering. They are almost guaranteed to start up the party, the conversation and they are a perfect outfit for male or female buyers as they create positivity and genuinely make others happy. In fact, good times!

Go a step further and purchase or collect all three night ice styles! Seriously, how cool would you be if you bought every possible style of these? Too cool for school. That is for sure! The set will really illuminate your blue eyes and they are a sure attention getter as you shake your booty on the dance floor!

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