Kids Room Airplanes Wall Decals

Kids Room Airplanes Wall Decals
Up for your perusal is a package of Airplane Wall Decals by FIXPIX. The set is vibrant, bright and colorful. It comes with four larger airplanes, 5 medium sized clouds, an illuminating sun and smaller images towards the middle.

This package weighs all of one pound and this is such a cute package. Plus, they are just perfect for your young son's bedroom or your silly Uncle Muddy who never married and still sleeps in your basement. They are also just perfect for those who do not have the time, money, resources or a solid taco supply to paint, spackle, hang drywall and listen to really old Country and Western music.

Boys love them. Girls love them. Goofy cats love them. And why not? They are easy to put up, easy to pull down and easy to re-apply. All of this equals some good stinkin' times!

Oh and here is another fun fact. When you buy and love these, you are free to purchase more and different kinds of decals.

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