iPhone 6 Verus Special Edition Leather Wallet Case

iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case
Did you brought the brand new iPhone 6? If yes, then now its the time to get a high quality case for your iPhone since it cost you some money. Everyone need to keep their iPhone safe and neat for long time. So, here we searched and got a high quality and useful wallet leather case for your new iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Verus Special Edition Leather Wallet Case is one of the best among the cases you ever see for your iPhone. As the Spigen Dual Layer case for iPhone 6, which we have featured before, this one also have great fans and its highly recommended.

This new precisely designed Apple iPhone 6 4.7" leather wallet case is available all around the world. Make sure you don't miss this limited edition case. This case suites better for gold model. Also, made of 100% Classic Smooth Vintage Style PU Leather with 4 layer card pockets to store your ID's, Credit or Debit cars and Business cards. The Magnetic closure will keep your iPhone safe inside and the smooth chamude inside texture protect your iPhone from scratches (which is the main problem with other low quality cases).

Since its a Limited Edition you have to get them quick before it get sold out. Don't miss your chance to own a better quality leather wallet case.

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