High-Dynamic-Range Time Lapse Camera

HDR Time Lapse Camera 720p Recording
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Thinking of time lapse videos? Well, you are on the best option here. Brinno TLC200 Pro HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) time lapse camera is the best for recording 720p time lapse video. Its professional grade but, as it is simple to use it can be beginners gadget too.

Here comes the features:
This High Dynamic Range (HDR) sensor used in Brinno TLC200 produce best quality 720p video virtually any lighting conditions. It uses aspherical 19mm f/2.0 lens for 4X low light performance and 2X sharpness. Also, This Brinno HDR Time Lapse Camera creates AVI file in the camera. So, the video is instantly available.

I think this is the perfect camera for you if you are searching for a better quality, easy controlling time lapse camera. Also, you can get additional CS lens according to your use separately.

HDR Time Lapse Camera 720p Recording Bagmyitems

tlc200 pro hdr time lapse camera Bagmyitems

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