Handmade Wooden International Chess Set

European Royal International Chess Set
This Chess Set - Royal 30 European Wooden Handmade International Chess Set is as simple as it is elegant as it is useful. This is a Wegiel product and it is comprised of a sturdy birch. The game pieces are comprised of hornbeam wood. This product, in its entirety is crafted by hand, in Poland.

Product dimensions are 11.6 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches for this high quality board. In fact, this nicely constructed set weighs only a single pound and the set is beautiful, elegant, well made and fully functional. The game board folds over itself, to protect and to hold each and every individual game piece, which are exceptionally light weight on the hand and have green felt on the bottom.

When you compare the quality that you will receive with this set, against the quality of similar boards and sets, there is really no comparison!

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