Halloween Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Halloween Stegosaurus Dog Costume
Up for your buying pleasure is the Animal Planet PET20105 Stegosaurus Dog Costume and seriously, how cute would this be on your little Foamy, Barfy or Carl? Pretty stinkin' cute, right? Well, yeah.

This adorable, late Jurassic period stegosaurus costume will surely place your pet in the ultimate doggy status of, "Coolest looking canine" via the North American and European-located dinosaur outfit. Do not be jealous of the Joneses down the street, as their dog comes strutting by in his cool outfit. Get one of your own!

This outfit features a foam printed head piece and a foam padded body part with dorsal plates and a spiky, "Feel Free Not to Bite Me," tail. The body suit connects at the stomach and hangs down a bit on the featured Corgi wearer.

Product dimensions are 15 x 3 x 18 inches ; 13.6 ounces. It's cute. It's fun! You too, can own a bit of the Halloween fun-ness!

Halloween stegosaurus-large-breed-costume

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