Hair Colouring Chalk Set

Hair Colouring Chalk Set
32 Color Hair Chalk Set is a fun and temporary fix for an otherwise boring hair situation. It lasts for up to three days, sets in one minute, is just fine for all hair types and offers a blendable pastel and primary colors. The set can be used on hair which is dry or hair which is wet and there are one hundred applications in each chalk stick. That's a lot of hair chalking!

The chalk will not rub off on clothing or other materials, due to having a built in sealant. It's easy to color and create with and washes out.

It is advised that one rub the Gypsy Stix color on a piece of paper to break the seal and to start. After that, you should place a hard material behind the hair that you are wishing to color (such as a book or lucite) and begin to rub Gypsy Stix into your hair. Then, blend one color over another for a blended look. Style with a heat tool. For more vibrant colors keep rubbing hair chalk in a vertical motion.

32 hair Colouring Chalks Set32 hair Colouring Chalk Set

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