Game Controller Wall Decals For Geeks

Game Controller Wall Decals For Gamers
Are you looking for a way to tell the world that your allegiance is held tight to the retro gamer controls of the eighties? Well, sure you are, or you would not be right here, right now, perusing these decals.

For sale is this Game Controllers Wall Decal. More specifically, it is game controller, vinyl wall sticker/decal. The item ships from and is sold from Geckoo. Geckoo lets you select a color preference too.

This retro fabulous decal can be applied on most flat surfaces, to include both interior and exterior walls. You may also be able to apply it to a mirror or an area which has been stain guarded or has been treated with Teflon. The decal arrives with pre-covered transfer tape and is easily pressed on and off.

However, we would be remiss if we did not admonish you that while the decal can be easily removed, it cannot be reused. Hence, one it once. But, use it wisely.

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