Funny Homer Simpson Slippers

Homer Simpson Slipper For Men
The Homer Simpson Slippers for Men are house shoes for men. They are comprised of polyester and conducive to joy and laughter from all who see them. Your feet slip into Homer's mouth and the soles are non-skid and we know what you're thinking.

"Will I be able to skate in them, while fetching breakfast in the kitchen?" Well, you'll never know until you purchase them. But, whether you will, or whether you will not, you will be breakfast stylin', nonetheless.

They're fun. They're fluffy. They're warm. They're cute. They are well made.

Nothing says, "Merry Christmas," better than unwrapping a pair of these babies! Or, "Happy Birthday."

If you're missing something from your life, it's probably these darling slippers. They only thing missing is the donut and a, "Doh!" If there is something that this world is missing, it's cartoon products for adults. Until now. Now, you have them.

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