Fun Colour-In Wallpaper For Kids Room

Fun Colour-In Wallpaper For Kids Room
Burger brings us this incredible fun and creative 1-Piece Standard Color In Wallpaper. It is sold and shipped in black and white. However, this is a thick and heavy-weight wallpaper, which is safe, suitable and ready for the bedroom's of children who enjoy coloring, the world over.

These images can be colored in with marker pens, crayons, felt tip pens or even paint and will most assuredly keep these marker pen wielding artists busy for an undetermined number of hours. Even those neighbor kids for whom you would not inordinately allow your little one to associate with can busy themselves with this panel-sized endeavor.

This artistic panel repeats itself every 52cm / 20.5 and is 1000cm X 52cm/ 394" x 20.5" roll with black print in size. The great thing about this product is that kids of and on their own are wanting to draw on walls. It's in their very nature. This wallpaper nourishes and allows this side.

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