Frog On Tree Birdfeeder Set

Frog On Tree Birdfeeder Set
The Frog Tree Face and Birdfeeder is a creation of the Gifted Living company. It creates a facade of an amphibian feeding avarians, which is pretty sweet, if you think about it. It is actually ships and is sold from Pembroke Street International, LLC. This darling feeder is comprised of polystone resin and it hangs easily from any tree.

Product dimensions are 3.5" x 4" x 2.25" and weighs 2.5 pounds and really, what better or more effective manner to dress up your garden and/or squirrel hang out than to hang this little guy? He feeds your birds. He lies there, listening to the squirrels gossip. He does not speak or join their trivial conversations. No. He merely feeds. For, he's merely a servant.

He's also sturdy. He will not complain when it's hot, cold or rainy. No. This is simply not his job. He's there to serve.

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