Dual Jar Backpack Drink Dispenser

Dual Jar Backpack Drink Dispenser
The Wyndham HouseTM Dual Tank Double Beverage Dispenser Backpack-6+ Quarts is every lazy man's tool for remaining hydrated. It features a dual backpack beverage dispenser, two 3.7 quart clear beverage containers, padded shoulder straps for carrying/toting comfort and a back panel.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, there is an attached mesh cup pocket and it measures 24" high x 9" wide x 3" deep. It weighs just four pounds and while it will not propel you into a lunar or solar flight for exploration, though it looks like it will, it will keep you three to four levels deep in the quest for beverage consumption.

This item is outstanding for parties, public gatherings and certain social events. No longer, will you drop a gut-busting $8.00 for a single beverage. No. What you will do is buy this item, strap it to your back and be prepared not to drop extra bucks on consumption liquids!

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