DJ Scratching Deck For Cats

DJ Scratching Deck For Cats
This product is a SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series and it's brought to you by the fine folks at SUCK UK. This is actually a cardboard scratching deck for cats. Why buy the boring ones which only serve to shred all over your living space? Why not have this cute and adorable thing for what you secretly know to be is a talented kitty?

The scratching desk is easy to put together and comes with full instructions. The item comes with a spin-able deck and a pose-able arm. It is a distraction to hopefully keep them away from your sofa, chairs and bed. Hopefully. Goodness knows that all cats seem to be obsessed with scratching out their claws on the very things that you hold dear!

Do not worry! Those cute stickers comes with the deck too! And really, where else are you gonna get stickers that say, "Run Dog!" Or, "I love tuna?"

P.S. This darling kitty is not included. You need to have a cat of your own.

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