Ctrl Alt Del Keyboard Mug Set

Ctrl Alt Del Keyboard Mug Set Bagmyitems
Now, right now, this is your opportunity to deliver a hearty Three Finger Salute To Coffee Breaks!!! This item is a Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set and it is ready for your purchase. The set is made available by Dealtz.

Product dimensions are 5 x 4 x 5 inches and shipping weight is 10.4 ounces. The product is comprised of three distinct drinking vessels and all are in the shape of one of your very favorite computer tasks. Each cup holds a satisfactory eight ounces of liquid and is safe for your dishwasher. Sweet! Also, you may consume hot or cold liquids. Bonus!

This product makes for an outstanding and thoughtful gift for your technical support, office workers or constant computer using crowd, which is most of us. Who hasn't been told to reboot to fix most issues? That's right! Most of us have.

Buy this set and let the conversations begin!

Ctrl Alt Del Keyboard Mug Set


Here you can find same cups with white color: Buy Now forĀ $7.52

Ctrl-Alt-Del Keyboard Coffee Cup White Set-


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