Crime Scene Silhouette Pen Holder

Crime scene silhouette Pen Holder
Presented here, for your dead man pleasure, is the Dead Tidy Desk Organiser. It is brought to you by Box 51 and offers up the silhouette of a crime scene pen holder for your desk top needs. Go ahead! Spear this dead guy with your pens, pencils, protractor's and toothpicks! He won't mind. He's already deceased!

This is absolutely, hands down, without a doubt, the perfect present for your Crime Scene Investigating friends or crowd of friends and those who love Crime Scene Investigators and their peeps! It measures 15cm long and weighs 10.6 ounces when prepared for shipping.

Hear us now or hear us tomorrow. But, you want this item and you know that you do. Go ahead and order now before the URL becomes less than a retrievable memory. Because, once you forget it, it is truly forgotten. Right? Or, is that just us?

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Crime scene silhouette Pen Holder Bagmyitems

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