Apple iPhone 6 Dual Layer Case

The iPhone 6 Case is an eye-pleasing, (gray) metal slate in color. In fact, it's simple, yet elegant design are just perfect for formal situations and a good response to all of those bespeckled, striped, glittered, mirrored, rhinestone and stud encrusted covers. It's sleek and it's purpose is to absorb shock and other possible damages from having fallen onto concrete, tile floor, asphalt and other hard surfaces. The key for its strength, durability and protection are best summed up with the following equation; TPU + Polycarbonate = Dual Protection.

The iPhone 6 Case has air cushioned corners, a built in card kick-stand for viewing without the use of ones hands and is compatible with the Apple iPhone 6 (4.7") only - 2014. While it weighs in at a mere 6.1 ounces on its own, the protected cost of replacing an expensive cell phone, is well worth the minimal cost of a case.

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