AirMan Portable Multi-Purpose Tire Inflator

Multi-Purpose Cordless Tire Inflator
The ActiveTool Airman Cordless Multi-Purpose Air Pump is every motorist's friend. Just ask anyone who has been traveling along and has then, been stranded by the side of a really busy highway with no shoes, no recent shower and a flat tire. It happens.

This unit offers a single handed, push button operation. It will inflate anything from those big ol' beach party blow up balls to air mattresses to basketballs, footballs and soccer balls to bicycle tires. It features a 9.6-volt rechargeable nicad battery and includes an AC power cord and charger and 12-Volt DC cord. It is also equipped with an automatic motor vehicle tire pressure control hose. It is part of the unit.

Product dimensions are 12.2 x 6.8 x 3.6 inches. This unit weighs 3.4 pounds . Charger output is 2.6V at 1000mA. You can also use the pump with a cigarette lighter outlet. Sweet!

Multi-Purpose Cordless Air Pump

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